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You can start transforming

your life now!

Why coaching? I understand that many of you are still curious about what a coaching process looks like, if you already know, please just click Coaching 1 on 1  for us to start working together, otherwise, stay with me here for a little longer.


Coaching is a process that creates awareness in all areas of your life, bringing new  actions, understandings, perspectives, improving your performance and bringing you to the "here and now" moment.


I trust that connecting your HEART (feelings and desires), your MIND (thoughts and analytical thinking) and your SOUL (internal voice), helps to shape the life that really matters to you.

I can especially help you to:

  • Boost your confidence to face any challenges that can come to you.

  • Uncover your passions, values and your best qualities.

  • Embrace vulnerability that helps you to create deeper connections with others.

  • Understand your fears, so you will be able to face and overcome them

  • Letting go of things from your past that are not serving you anymore

  • Get creative in different areas of your life, finding new solutions for old situations.

Work with me
  • Bring the joy back to your daily life, releasing stress and anxieties.

  • Regain the energy that can help you cope with all your activities

  • Help you think through decisions that need to be made in your personal or professional life.

  • Find the fun part of you that was lost along the way so you can get it back

  • Greater mindset to conquer your vision and mission in life

Be your authentic self. Feel good about being YOU.

What makes YOU a good candidate for coaching:

  1. Want to know yourself better.

  2. Are ready to face your fears and blocks that are stopping you to move forward.

  3. Open to embrace all the difficulties that comes your way and transforming them in new learnings.

  4. Want to change negative into positive thoughts. 

  5. Are open minded and want to create something better for yourself

  6. Committed to this partnership, being on time, ready and All In to the process.

How does it work?

These are the steps we will take together:

  1. Initial free assessment consultation, where you can discover what a “Secret Confidant” is. We will discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you might have about the process and the coaching relationship.

  2. We will draft an action plan to our work together.

  3. Selection of the package that most suits your needs and availability.

  4. Start our practice that will help you transform your life.

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