New Behaviours, New Results

You are a person who wants to:

  • Boost your confidence to face any challenges that come your way.

  • Release stress and anxieties, and bring back joy into your life.

  • Manage uncertainty.

  • Stop procrastinating.

  • Let go of things from your past that are not serving you anymore

  • Get creative in different areas of your life, and find new solutions for old situations.

  • Improve your soft skills like empathy, compassion, listening, speaking up, etc.

  • Be an inspiration to others.

Coaching is an incredibly empowering process that helps you to improve all aspects of your life. The awareness that you gain during our conversations, gives you the clarity to create the changes that really matter to you. Your life starts to have more meaning. You become calmer, more centered, more sure of your path. Confidence grows. Benefits and opportunities start to come to you.

You become the person you always wanted to be.

Claudia Gomes Leadership Transformational Coach.jpg

I trust that connecting your HEART (feelings and desires), your MIND (thoughts and analytical thinking), and your SOUL (internal voice), helps to shape the life that really matters to you.

What makes YOU a good candidate for Coaching?

  • You want to change your life to create something better for yourself

  • You are open to overcoming the fears and blocks that are stopping you from moving forward.

  • You are willing to change your perspective

  • You want to believe in yourself and face life confidently.

The main values that I will bring to our conversation are Partnership, Awareness and Honesty

Our conversations would be based on 10 years of studies, training and practice that help me to be a partner who “gets you”. No judgments or bias, in a confidential space, where you can search for your best self while accepting and letting go of parts of you that are not allowing you to move forward.