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New Behaviours, New Results

Dealing with people can be challenging. Some are born “People Persons”, others have to learn the skills along the way.


Do you feel that you are comfortable dealing with people?


As a coach, my work is to support your journey on enhancing your relationships, not just at work but in your personal life as well. It is clear nowadays that personal life influences work and work influences personal life. Hence the famous term of work-life balance.

You are a person who wants to:

  • Connect with others

  • Delegate effectively

  • Improve how to deliver and receive feedback

  • See things from a broader perspective

  • Create a safe space for their team/friends/family to speak up freely

  • Enhance trust and respect among team/friends/family members

  • Improve morale and engagement

  • Release stress and anxieties, and bring back joy into their life.

  • Manage uncertainty

  • Get creative in different areas of their life, and find new solutions for old situations.

  • Improve essential people leadership skills like empathy, compassion, gratitude, listening, etc.

  • Be an inspiration to others.

Claudia Gomes Leadership Transformational Coach.jpg

Coaching is an incredibly empowering process that helps you to improve all aspects of your life. The awareness that you gain during our conversations gives you the clarity to create the changes that really matter to you. 


I work with people who are open to change and to live life from an alignment perspective.


The main values that I will bring to our conversation are Partnership, Awareness, and Honesty

Our conversations would be based on 15 years of studying, training, and practice that helps me to be a partner who “gets you”. No judgments or bias, in a confidential space, where you can search for your best self while accepting and letting go of what is not allowing you to move forward in the direction of the results you are looking for.

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