Developing Skills, Facilitating Awareness


Workshops can be a wonderful tool to inspire and to generate knowledge personally and professionally.

It can be facilitated for small or big groups of people engaged in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

Please find below some of my workshops:

  • "Master the Art of Delegation"

  • “How to Create a Learning Culture”

  • "Emotions in our Coaching Practice"

  • "Great Relationships Start With You"

  • "Work-life balance"

  • "How to manage a stressful life"

  • "The importance of emotions in our lives"

  • "How does stress affect your personal development?"

  • "What makes us procrastinate?"

  • "How to stop saying Yes, when you want to say No?"

  • "How to stop comparing yourself to others"

  • "Non-Violent Communication"

  • "Relationship Series"

    • Part I - Good communication​

    • Part II - Separated identities

    • Part III - Self-love

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Webinar - What do you need to be able to work abroad?

Delivered to Brazilian Community in Thailand

14th May 2020


Webinar - How to transform emotions through coaching

Delivered Live to ICF (International Coaching Federation) Bangkok Chapter

06th June 2020

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Other examples of webinars delivered:

  • "Coping with Loneliness and Isolation"

  • "Creating an inclusive team and promoting a culture of respect"

  • "Disrupting Negative Thoughts"

  • "Effective Stress Management"

  • "Empowering and Encouraging Parenting to Guide your Child"

  • "Leading a Resilient team"

  • "Making a life while making a living _ Work-life synergy"

  • "Maximizing your day - Effective Time Management"

  • "Mindfulness Matters"

  • "Reaching my Limit"

  • "The Coach Approach to Leadership"

  • "Thriving in Later Life"

  • "Ways to Combat Sedentary Lifestyle!

Guest Speaking Moments

Speaker Series - The Hive Thonglor

Creating Connections

29th August 2018

"Creating Connections Through Vulnerability"

ICF Coaching Week

Event 10x10  - Bangkok Coaching Circle

30th April 2019

"How coaching changed my life"

Soroptimist International Club of Bangkok

Luncheon Meeting

8th July 2020

"How to Remain true to yourself in a changing world"

Rotary Club of Bangkapi (Bangkok, Thailand)

Luncheon Meeting

1st September 2020

"How to Create Lasting Change"

International Women's Club of Thailand

Luncheon Meeting

17th September 2020

"How to Create Lasting Change"

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