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As a Professional Coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open, and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me.
Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services.


"Life can be tough in more than one way. Emotionally, health-wise, financially or otherwise. 

I reached a point in my life when I realized I needed HELP. I was stuck in an emotional turmoil, which affected my work, my sleep my whole well-being. 

I was very lucky to be introduced to Claudia. From our first session on, I felt very comfortable with speaking up, shedding tears, and being myself.

After only a few sessions, my life already started to change for the better. My viewpoints on the past and present have changed, and finally, after 15 hours spent with my lifesaver Claudia, I got my life back. I couldn’t have done it without you.

I consider myself very lucky to have met Claudia. Without her, I would not be at the great stage in my life that I am  now."

Beate Juengst - Business - Aesthetic & Health Marketing Leader / Medical Tourism Consultant / Former CEO of Intermedisol

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"Claudia helped me gain focus and perspective at key moments for my life. Super dedicated and lovable! Thank you, Claudia :)"

Franklin Cruz - Founder and CEO at MoonShop Labs

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"Claudia offers a rare combination of positive energy, radiance and warmth on the one hand, and a willingness to hold up a mirror to others, take them out of their comfort zone and challenge them to make change happen. In my view, this makes her quite unique as a coach. Taking this approach, Claudia helped me realise that I was following some routines in my life that used to serve me well but were no longer appropriate for my current situation. Giving me a thorough shake in a caring way, she helped me get unstuck and look for new options, which has really helped me. Thank you, Claudia!"

Nadine Ott - Executive Coach, Trainer, and Consultant, Thailand

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"I've been doing coaching for 1 year. I started the process to have more confidence, and during that process, I made a big change, and now I feel much safer. My experience has been very positive, Claudia helps me see words should not be a part of my vocabulary and how not be negative, I have understood that we are the energy we attract, and that is why I am trying my best to change."

Tony Marmol Vera - Chef, founder of Chef Delicias, Spain

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"I looked for a coach to help me a little with some issues at work. During the process, I realized that coaching could help me on many other points of my life. For the initial topics for which I sought help, I am immensely satisfied. The experience has further developed coaching with Claudia. She knows how to listen perfectly to the situation, conducts the session with mastery, and regardless of what she may think, she tells me exactly what I have to hear. And the best thing of all was to discover, in my sessions with her, the purpose of my life."

Ricardo Oliveira - Founding Partner and Manager at YesLifeWork S.L., Spain

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"Claudia is an amazing coach. 

As her colleague, I have watched her grow into a confident and effective coach. Claudia specializes in helping people connect to their hearts and finding their true power. I know Claudia is an expert at this because she does this herself. Every day. It is rare to find a coach who really walks their talk. Claudia's warmth, energy, patience, guidance, love, and straightforwardness will help you dive deep and see what is really holding you back from creating what you really want to create. 

If you are tired of "just-good-enough" and ready to step into "creating the extraordinary", 
I highly recommend you work with Claudia."

Nikon Gormley - International Coach and Consultant, CEO Inner-Spark Group, Thailand


"Claudia's coaching sessions was essential for me to re-connect with myself. To start seeing solutions for situations that caused me a lot of stress. It was a true process of self-knowledge, overcoming obstacles and learning. I recommend to anyone who seeks not only their professional development but also personal and even spiritual."

Aline Anaya - Director of Procon / São Paulo, Brazil

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"I never thought I would want or need a life coach but after my first session with Claudia, I realized how wrong I was. It came at a pivotal point in my life where I needed some affirmation and realization of what I had achieved and what I could achieve both personally and professionally. Claudia did not tell me anything I did not already know but had this wonderful ability of helping me to dig deep inside myself to discover my positives and negatives and use them both to my advantage. Her listening skills, patience and honesty are just a few of her amazing qualities. My life has changed so much for the better and I am moving in directions I never thought would be possible. Thank you so much you beautiful lady!"

Karen Dawney - Director, Cruise Development for SEA and Sri Lanka, Abercrombie & Kent, Vietnam

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"My coaching experience with Claudia was about two themes: acceptance and autonomy. My mindset entering the inner work was heavily driven by codependency. She helped me embrace my own struggle and helped me understand that I could love myself whole, both light and shadow. I didn't realize that as an adult, I was stuck re-enacting wounded childhood conditioning (family enmeshment dynamics). She helped me realize AND release that, allowing me to shift into consciously choosing what aligns for me. Had a lot of laughs and tears in between of course :)

The healing journey I had with her is my biggest win in 2019 :)"

Bianca Gacad - English Professor, Phillipines


"I can, with no doubt, vouch for Claudia and her work. She is an excellent professional and I cannot thank her enough for how much she helped me. Reflecting back on her strategy, her engaging personality, and incredible active-listening skills. I could not be more certain that I made the right selection. Claudia was extremely effective in nailing down my personality traits, providing me with positive vibes and what I should stay away from. Claudia managed to help me to clarify what I was striving for. These coaching sessions were very good investment of money and time and would recommend Claudia to anyone. It does make all difference."

Vanessa Abdala Sales - Business Manager, Brazil

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