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I work with organizations to enhance the ability of leaders and their teams to accomplish results and navigate change.

Transformation and performance is through autonomy.


Leaders who know themselves support and coach their teams better. They listen more effectively and make people feel heard. They learn about their style of leadership and how they could improve in areas in which they are not yet fully confident.


Coaching opens up a confidential space where leaders can express themselves freely. The Coach offers different perspectives and points to blind spots that require attention in order to develop a deeper understanding or new ways of viewing a situation.


Emotional Intelligence Matters

are facing

  • Covid-19 creating feelings of insecurity and fear. Mental health and well-being are becoming a major priority for companies that want to succeed in the near and long-term future.

  • Employees who feel uncomfortable taking their own decisions, creating an over-dependency on leaders to guide and direct them.

  • Overwhelmed staff lacking time management skills.

  • Change of location. Remote working and dealing with different time zones

  • Employees feeling disconnected.

  • Employees who are unsure of their personal and professional value to the company.

  • Relationships lacking trust and respect, limited collaboration within teams.

  • Employees are unaligned with the company culture and its values.

The Organization will benefit from Leaders who

  • Have learned how to listen and ask questions that improve the effectiveness of the daily activities and teamwork

  • Don't micro-manage and are able to help the team to develop their decision-making skills 

  • Can enhance employees' “Can Do” attitude

  • Are more respectful and more inclusive

  • Are less stressed and overwhelmed

  • Manage conflict better

  • Work confidently in an agile environment

  • Understand their position as a role model

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