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Independence or death?

Dom Pedro I of Brazil proclaimed the phrase as a genuine declaration of love for the country as he was being threatened with death by Brazilians who no longer wanted the Portuguese presence in their territory in 1888. This marked Brazil's Independence Day.

We don't need to be so extreme about independence regarding our personal life.

When we were born, our parents educated us about how the world works for us to live fully within our choices.

What would it be like to be independent? Knowing how to live alone, take care of yourself, and produce your sustenance?

Autonomy, freedom. Be ourselves, able to exist within our essence as a unique person.

But what could be preventing all of this? Society, cultural pressures, friends, family, co-workers?

Living in today's world with the conditions imposed on us makes it very difficult to focus on our conscience to know who we are and what we want.

What would you declare independence from today? From work that doesn't satisfy you? From the relationship that doesn't make you happy? From the people who don't seem to let you grow and progress?

It wouldn't be necessary to declare independence. It is beginning to understand the structures better to change without fear of reprimand or retaliation.

We are all here for the same thing, to live our lives and give our best within our possibilities. We don't need to become independent of people, but maybe understand that they get into our lives to teach us something, participate in some event, or be a journey companion. Understand that some will remain and others don't, for different reasons, but all of them are valid for our growth and evolution.

We don't need to become independent of the world or nature but learn to coexist with them in greater harmony.

We are not at war with anyone unless we declare it. We are not dominated unless we allow it.

It would be wonderful to be free of the things that no longer fulfill us, but remember that all learning is for your benefit. Leaving situations without a clear resolution is simply putting them off now to deal with in the future. It is always better to be aware of the whys to be able to do differently and experience other realities.

We are not born alone, and we will not live alone. To be independent is still to be connected to everything and everyone.

It is the junction of living with coexisting.

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