Developing Skills

Customized Training

Delivering the services in accordance with your needs.

Consultations can be provided to clarify the objectives and the desired outcomes for each service.

The work is focused on:

  • Practical doing not just listening.

  • Exercises and case studies customized to the client's industry

  • Sessions could include a mixture of trainer presentations, individual reflection, small-group discussion, plenary discussion and role play.

  • Developing action plans to apply the learning to the daily work

Leadership Training

Developed together with Nadine Ott (Consultant, trainer, and coach) 

Our training offers middle and senior managers essential tools to develop themselves and enhance their first leadership behaviors. We enable course participants to maximize their impact by empowering individuals and teams.

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Effective Communication

  • General principles of effective and respectful communication

  • Different communication styles

  • Use of body language

  • Active listening

  • Email Etiquette

  • Giving and receiving feedback

Time Management

Inspiring your Team

Creating a Learning Culture

  • Planning and prioritizing

  • Saying "No" to unimportant tasks

  • Managing both interruptions and distractions

  • Delegating successfully and managing the "Monkey on one's back"

  • Managing meetings

  • Managing emails

  • Increasing engagement and making use of individual motivation

  • What it means to be a successful team

  • Different team roles and the beauty of team diversity

  • Building trust within your team as a basis for an excellent collaboration

  • Benefits of ongoing learning

  • Helping others to develop a learning mindset

  • Principles for establishing a learning culture within the company

  • Coaching and mentoring your team

  • Setting of learning goals

  • Monitoring learning progress

  • Formal and informal learning tools

Facilitating Awareness


Workshops can be a wonderful tool to inspire and to generate knowledge personally and professionally.

It can be facilitated for small or big groups of people engaged in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

Please find below some of my workshops:

  • "Master the Art of Delegation"

  • “How to Create a Learning Culture”

  • "Emotions in our Coaching Practice"

  • "Great Relationships Start With You"

  • "Work-life balance"

  • "How to manage a stressful life"

  • "The importance of emotions in our lives"

  • "How does stress affect your personal development?"

  • "What makes us procrastinate?"

  • "How to stop saying Yes, when you want to say No?"

  • "How to stop comparing yourself to others"

  • "Non-Violent Communication"

  • "Relationship Series"

    • Part I - Good communication​

    • Part II - Separated identities

    • Part III - Self-love

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Webinar - What do you need to be able to work abroad?

Delivered to Brazilian Community in Thailand

14th May 2020


Webinar - How to transform emotions through coaching

Delivered Live to ICF (International Coaching Federation) Bangkok Chapter

06th June 2020

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Guest Speaking Moments

Speaker Series - The Hive Thonglor

Creating Connections

29th August 2018

"Creating Connections Through Vulnerability"

ICF Coaching Week

Event 10x10  - Bangkok Coaching Circle

30th April 2019

"How coaching changed my life"

Soroptimist International Club of Bangkok

Luncheon Meeting

8th July 2020

"How to Remain true to yourself in a changing world"

Rotary Club of Bangkapi (Bangkok, Thailand)

Luncheon Meeting

1st September 2020

"How to Create Lasting Change"

International Women's Club of Thailand

Luncheon Meeting

17th September 2020

"How to Create Lasting Change"

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