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Do I bring love to my work?

I found this sentence, and I believe it translates the idea I want to write here: "The greatest reward for our work is not what we are paid, but what it transforms us into”

Nowadays, in conversations with many of my clients, I help them look for what brings them joy at work. What makes me do what I do? It is one of the most frequently asked questions.

If it is for the salary you get, it is fantastic! So you already know that going to work and generating an income at the end of the month is already your motivator. What makes you wake up in the morning and continue dedicating hours of the day to the role you perform? Personal values such as family, altruism, justice, responsibility, and security, can also be significant motivators.

Not everyone sees work as a purpose, but as a means of achieving other things in life, such as a well-groomed family, travel, going out with friends, outings, and cultural activities, among many possibilities.

Many expats reflect when it comes the moment to discuss this topic. Or because they are adjusting to a new culture, company, structure, etc. Or for not being able to work right away, which triggers a process of rediscovery or personal resignification.

But I noticed among clients, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances; is that bringing love to your work means more connection to yourself, delivering your best version, and obtaining excellence in your day-to-day.

Bringing love to work makes us more empathetic. It makes us less fearful and more open to learning new things and exchanging information. We started to see our roles with a look of maturity and merit.

Bringing love makes the work easier and lighter.

Bringing love is giving the deserved importance to your hours of service.

But remember that no matter what you do, thinking about working with love already helps to refrain from judgment.

Whether you dedicate yourself to paid work, volunteer work, or family, it does not matter. There are multiple types of occupations to you to commit attention and knowledge.

Work transforms us. It teaches us more about ourselves, our capacities, strengths, and weakness. Our creativity and patience.

I wish you a lot of love for your work. :)


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