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Hi, my name is  Claudia Gomes.

Thank you for visiting my page and I am glad that we are connecting here.

I work with leaders to enhance their people skills, improve the work relations with their teams, peers, and coworkers, maximize communication and engagement, and create consistent results.

All relations are based on the dynamic between the individuals, and managing people can be challenging sometimes. However, creating awareness of your own “blind spots” and emotions can be essential for achieving improved results in challenging situations.

I believe that supporting a person on elevating themselves and others, honoring different perspectives, and holding the space to allow a conversation to flow, makes life easier and more enjoyable for anyone involved in the process.

When teams are aligned, companies benefit from increased retention and well-being in the workplace.

I would be glad to work with you and support you on your journey toward a more connected workspace.


Real People. Real Outcomes

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"Claudia has been my executive coach for the last year, she has a proactive approach that is graceful, staying true to empathy and with engagement in mind. She has helped me with my personal and professional goals, refining my leadership skills, broadening my horizons on the tactics for 'how to win friends and influence people in cross-cultural environments and most importantly the areas I wanted to improve.I am still a client of Claudia's and value the time, effort, commitment and truth from our sessions and I would highly recommend Claudia to any executive professional that is seeking that level of wellbeing and happiness at work.Thank you Claudia"

Sarah Huang - Product Owner | CSPO® | Digital Transformation


"Claudia is amazing!
During a time of corporate transition, I reached out to her for guidance on taking on some of my weaknesses and/or unexplored areas of leadership. What resonates to date is her immense passion for the emotional side of steering a team through thick and thin, the personal side of translating a vision into tangible results, and how we all need to sometimes face our inner demons to become a more open-minded leader.
I have nothing but praise for her attention to detail and her expansive knowledge as a transformational coach. She has opened doors I did not know existed and turned them into entrances of acceptance, respect, the value of communication, and reflection."

Niels Steeman - Health and Wellness Coach /  Group Director Marketing and eCommerce


"Claudia guided me to a better understanding of what I wanted in life. We worked for months on getting the most out of me in terms of career, time management, focus, relationship with family, and more. Transforming somebody else's life is definitely one of Claudia´s best accomplishments, as well as understanding people´s needs and getting the best out of them. The sessions were fun and captivating with lots of good insights exchanged. I can't thank her enough for the guidance throughout the whole process and for navigating with me towards a better comprehension of whom I want to become."

Murillo Campos - International Department Social Marketing Manager at Beike Biotechnology 

Let's Connect

Book a 30-minute complimentary session. Let’s connect, learn about each other and how this partnership could work, and how it would suit your needs.

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