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Hi, I’m Claudia Gomes!

If you want to live your best life, have great relationships, work happily and fulfilled, have deeper connections with your family and friends, a good start for all that is to give yourself permission.


You may be surprised by the realization that things are not turning out the way you want them to because you are blocking them from happening. This may be because of old beliefs that are not working for you anymore, because you are working against your values, because you are trying to control things that are not your responsibility, or because you are not good at establishing boundaries, among other things.


Becoming a “Self-leader” requires willingness to face all aspects of yourself. You learn to evolve as a response to any kind of circumstance. Your feelings don’t scare you anymore; you manage them and they serve as a compass to your life.

Be YOU. This helps you remain open-minded and whole-hearted, let others be authentic around you, and allow everyone to communicate genuinely.

Be aware of your presence and how you interact with your family, team, colleagues, friends, and partners.

Be conscious of your influence on others around you.

Be aligned. Be empowered. Be aware of the life that you are leading for yourself.

Working with me


Coaching is based on awareness, decisions, and actions.


Getting to know who you are is your most important journey, and coaching facilitates just that. It opens doors for you to be the master of your own life. It helps you to achieve new outcomes and to realign your life with what you want. You become the version of yourself that you always knew you could be. 


Coaching is a process that helps eliminate your blind spots. You learn from your emotions and how to embrace all your layers, including your darker sides. When you lay your own path, you can walk it confidently.


Let me be your partner in helping YOU to achieve self-leadership. Most people don't know their potential. Become a better version of yourself.


I help professionals develop an understanding that fundamental leadership principles are to know oneself, overcome one’s vulnerabilities as a way to connect, learn about one’s teams and maximize one’s potential.

Through coaching, leaders become more open-minded, resilient and adaptable to a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. Employees will become more engaged, aligned with the culture, values and purpose of the organization. Team members will start working in tune like a symphony orchestra.


Training and Facilitation

I help groups of people to improve their skills providing a safe space for learning and working together.  It is a place to understand relationship dynamics and attain new states of awareness.  

New learning generates new ideas and new ways to innovate.


General Leadership training helps organizations provide leaders with key skills to perform at their best. Customized training can also be delivered for a strong focus on your industry’s needs, and in alignment with your organizational culture.


"Transform Yourself"

This Meetup Community is a safe space for you to explore topics, express your ideas, and share your knowledge and experiences. It’s a place where you can learn to understand your emotions better, and where other members help you feel that you belong, and that you are not alone. It is a place to see others and be seen for who you are. A place to find your voice. A community that supports you while you enjoy your journey.

You are important to the world. We are all connected. 


Real People. Real Outcomes

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"I looked for a coach to help me a little with some issues at work. During the process, I realized that coaching could help me on many other points of my life. For the initial topics for which I sought help, I am immensely satisfied. The experience has further developed coaching with Claudia. She knows how to listen perfectly to the situation, conducts the session with mastery, and regardless of what she may think, she tells me exactly what I have to hear. And the best thing of all was to discover, in my sessions with her, the purpose of my life."

Ricardo Oliveira - Founding Partner and Manager at YesLifeWork S.L., Spain


"I can, with no doubt, vouch for Claudia and her work. She is an excellent professional and I cannot thank her enough for how much she helped me. Reflecting back on her strategy, her engaging personality, and incredible active-listening skills. I could not be more certain that I made the right selection. Claudia was extremely effective in nailing down my personality traits, providing me with positive vibes and what I should stay away from. Claudia managed to help me to clarify what I was striving for. These coaching sessions were very good investment of money and time and would recommend Claudia to anyone. It does make all difference."

Vanessa Abdala Sales - Business Manager, Brazil


"Claudia guided me to a better understanding of what I wanted in life. We worked for months on getting the most out of me in terms of career, time management, focus, relationship with family, and more. Transforming somebody else's life is definitely one of Claudia´s best accomplishments, as well as understanding people´s needs and getting the best out of them. The sessions were fun and captivating with lots of good insights exchanged. I can't thank her enough for the guidance throughout the whole process and for navigating with me towards a better comprehension of whom I want to become."

Murillo Campos - International Department Social Marketing Manager at Beike Biotechnology 

Let's Connect

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