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you being YOU transforms the
world around you.

Hi, I’m Claudia Gomes!

I believe that Self-leadership is playing a puzzle like a piece of art. You are in every piece that together brings alive the big picture of your life.

Self-leadership represents that you are ready to face all aspects of yourself. That your feelings are working as a compass to you. That you are learning through the circumstances and evolving to connect more with yourself and others.

Being YOU helps you to be open-minded and whole-hearted, allowing others to be authentic around you and bring everyone to a different level of communication.

Allow yourself to stay aware of your presence and what you represent in the life of your family, team, colleagues, friends, and partner.

Be conscious of your influence on others around you.

Be aligned. Be empowered. Be aware of the life that you are leading for yourself.

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True people. True outcomes.

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"I looked for a coach to help me a little with some issues at work. During the process, I realized that coaching could help me on many other points of my life. For the initial topics for which I sought help, I am immensely satisfied. The experience has further developed coaching with Claudia. She knows how to listen perfectly to the situation, conducts the session with mastery, and regardless of what she may think, she tells me exactly what I have to hear. And the best thing of all was to discover, in my sessions with her, the purpose of my life."

Ricardo Oliveira - Founding Partner and Manager at YesLifeWork S.L., Spain


"I can, with no doubt, vouch for Claudia and her work. She is an excellent professional and I cannot thank her enough for how much she helped me. Reflecting back on her strategy, her engaging personality, and incredible active-listening skills. I could not be more certain that I made the right selection. Claudia was extremely effective in nailing down my personality traits, providing me with positive vibes and what I should stay away from. Claudia managed to help me to clarify what I was striving for. These coaching sessions were very good investment of money and time and would recommend Claudia to anyone. It does make all difference."

Vanessa Abdala Sales - Business Manager, Brazil

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"Claudia offers a rare combination of positive energy, radiance and warmth on the one hand, and a willingness to hold up a mirror to others, take them out of their comfort zone and challenge them to make change happen. In my view, this makes her quite unique as a coach. Taking this approach, Claudia helped me realise that I was following some routines in my life that used to serve me well but were no longer appropriate for my current situation. Giving me a thorough shake in a caring way, she helped me get unstuck and look for new options, which has really helped me. Thank you, Claudia!"

Nadine Ott - Executive Coach, Trainer, and Consultant, Thailand

Let's Meet

I offer a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation. I would like to open the space to know more about your needs and in what the process of coaching will be able to support you. 

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