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Transform Yourself

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The Community Transform Yourself nowadays has more than 700 people. It is based in Bangkok and has events running every month.


The events are 2 hours of discussions in small groups focused on managing our emotions, developing a solid base for greater communications and understanding how we project ourselves in the world.

Here are some topics from our events:


  • The benefits of rejection

  • How to stop comparing yourself to others

  • How to keep perfectionism from ruining your relationships

  • How does stress affect your personal development? (Event in Barcelona)

  • Let’s talk about negative thoughts and how to use them!

  • Let’s talk about gratitude!

  • Let’s talk about anxiety!

  • Let’s talk about grief!

  • How do you stop saying Yes, when you want to say No?

  • The art of respect

  • How does shame affect our lives?

  • What does being courageous mean to you?

  • How do you become more assertive?

  • Let’s talk about empathy!

  • Why is it good to feel guilty?

  • Let’s talk about Anxiety!

  • What makes us procrastinate?

  • How to awaken your inner strength?

  • How can I stop seeking approval from others?

  • How to stop other people’s ideas and projects from becoming your priorities.

  • Let’s discuss Negative Thoughts and how to use them

  • Why does ask for help a strength?

These are the rules for each session:
- Be on time.
- Be prepared to speak up
- Be willing to listen
- Respect others
- These sessions will be treated as confidential, it’s a safe space to talk and share your thoughts
- Be all IN and commit to the process


For more information, please click on the button below

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