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Nice to meet you !

When I think about my life as it is right now, it brings a smile to my face everyday. It is true. I am finally doing what I love. And although it wasn’t an easy road to get to this point in my life, I count my blessings as I am able to work with amazing people, having the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, helping them achieve their dreams, having more joy and peace of mind, helping them draft bigger visions of themselves in a way that’s truly aligned with who they really are.  


But life wasn’t always this way. At 28, I decided to leave Brazil and venture into the world, moving to Spain initially, before finally settling in Thailand, the place I’ve called home for the last 10 years – for now at least. For over 13 years now, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures and ways of living, and also travel the world, whilst enjoying an enriched life in every sense in the company of my husband, family, friends and colleagues.


My professional life has taken many turns. For many years I did try to find my place within the banking industry, multinationals and even a family business. Following my passion for people, I decided to work in Tourism where I held several management positions in both Sales and Business Development. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. Although my journey seemed off course at times, the knowledge I learnt from all my turns has given me great insight and perspective both in business and in life. 

But things were not always this way. During the course of my life, I’ve had to face very challenging moments. At a young age, feeling lost and lacking some confidence, I was involved in an emotionally abusive relationship the brought the worst out of me. Even though I did manage to break this toxic relationship, years of abuse took a toll in me, and I battled with feelings of guilt, sadness, emptiness and complete confusion as to how to start my life again from scratch, feeling insecure about myself.

It was during this time that I decided to leave Brazil and reinvent myself, find myself outside the environment that I knew. Although a courageous move, starting my personal journey abroad was a daunting process that brought many moments of loneliness, having left my family and loved ones behind. I struggled with money, a lack of confidence and self-esteem, suffering prejudice and cultural differences clashes.


Trying to prove my worth, I worked incredibly hard in my roles, trying to give it my all, which caused my stress levels to be so high that I developed an ulcer. That was the moment that I decided to draw the line and stop doing what I was doing. I had enough, and the way I was showing up in my life was clearly not working. Enough was enough. What was I doing?


The minute I decided to change things, a friend of mine who happens to be a coach offered me to try his services, and for sure that was the opportunity that I needed to change my life around. I hope he knows how much he means to me for that.


I got so busy living life, in whichever way it showed for me, that I missed to realize how much I was neglecting myself, my needs, my desires and my own personal goals. I forgot ME basically. And once I decided to work on myself, that’s when the magic happened. I improved both my personal and professional relationships, I became a great communicator, I became clear on my life’s purpose and worked up the courage to start my own business, to help people transform and live their best lives yet.


Although people thought I was crazy by going through all these changes and leaving my comfort zone, I decided to do it anyway. For the first time ever, I was determined to follow my own happiness path, and I haven’t looked back. Now I am in a constant positive state, I have high energy, my mind is at peace and I love to wake up every morning to experience what’s coming.  Of course I still have my ups and downs – I am only human! - but I now have tools and resources to manage life’s ups and downs, and I know how not to dive into problems anymore.


Why work with me you ask? I'm a loving, caring, dedicated person, who believes in you and your potential.  I chose to be a Transformational Coach specifically, because I want to help my clients change the way they see themselves, making the necessary changes from the inside out, having their own voice heard and creating a world that they want to live in. I have been through this journey myself, and I can’t wait to support you through yours.


I am also fluent in 3 languages - Portuguese, Spanish and English - which allows me to engage with clients all over the world. I coach both in person and online with people who are ready to work on themselves anywhere around the globe.

And if that’s you, let’s start a conversation. I can’t wait!

"Find the courage to be authentic.

Not everyone will like you, but no one can

if they don’t get a chance to know you."

Lori Deschene

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