I work with organizations to enhance the ability of leaders and their teams to accomplish results and navigate change.

are facing

  • Covid-19 creating feelings of insecurity and fear. Mental health and well-being are becoming a major priority for companies that want to succeed in the near and long-term future.

  • Employees who feel uncomfortable taking their own decisions, creating an over-dependency on leaders to guide and direct them.

  • Overwhelmed staff lacking time management skills.

  • Change of location. Remote working and dealing with different time zones

  • Employees feeling disconnected.

  • Employees who are unsure of their personal and professional value to the company.

  • Relationships lacking trust and respect, limited collaboration within teams.

  • Employees unaligned with the company culture and its values.

The Organization will benefit from Leaders who

  • have learned how to listen and ask questions that improve the effectiveness of the daily activities and teamwork

  • don't micro-manage and are able to help the team to develop their decision-making skills 

  • can enhance employees' “Can Do” attitude

  • are more respectful and more inclusive

  • are less stressed and overwhelmed

  • manage conflict better

  • work confidently in an agile environment

  • understand their position as a role model

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Why Work With Me



  • As a Professional Coach certified by the International Coach Federation, I guide my clients through a process to strengthen their sense of control in their work and private life.

  • I develop my clients' understanding that the foundation of successful leadership is knowing oneself.

  • I help middle and senior managers open their minds for new ways of thinking, alternative solutions to problems, and new approaches to daily routines in the work environment.

  • In a confidential space, we focus on enhancing Emotional Intelligence, exploring ways to improve relationships with team members through authentic leadership, maximizing team potential.


  • Having lived abroad for 16 years, I am a full-time coach building on a varied professional history.

  • Over the past 25 years, I have worked within a variety of industries, across 3 continents (South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia).

  • My professional experience ranges from administration/ finance to tourism and personal development.

  • I have experience of successfully managing international assignments leading diverse teams and acquired valuable cross-culture literacy along the way.

  • I learned about leadership from different angles, leading teams myself, managing upwards, and training others.

  • Being a natural leader myself, I am able to relate to the pressure of responsibility and the urge to create solutions and make “the right” decisions.